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Blog - 24 February 2017

Recover your Pogo Account

You have earned credits playing Pogo Games and lost your account access, what do you do? Make a new account and start from scratch or recover your own old account.

It’s very complicated to recover your Pogo account. You will need to retrieve your account using the email you have used to register at the time of making it. Most of us do forget the email used to create account. So what is the solution to this problem?

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Blog - 10 January 2017

Pogo support for Pogo games

Playing games over the internet is a new trend these days. Every single free second that people have, they are seen playing games either on their computer or mobile phones. 50% of the youth are more into games, more specifically into online games. Pogo games is one of them, which has different kinds of users. People of all genres love to play these games, maybe due to the simplicity or whatever be the reason.

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Blog - 26 December 2016

POGO GAMES? What exactly? Accessible? Heavy games?

These days Pogo is very renowned and well accepted webpage playing game that’s being utilised by children, young people and more over by senior citizens as well? Perhaps that probably might make it bigger gaming site someday than what it is right now. These types of games (web) leave the work-place and this occasionally happens Due to some computer issues like virus, computer freezing, malware troubles, and pop-up to be exact and specific.

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Blog - 29 November 2016

Know more about POGO Games

Pogo games are the most popular games which are played all across the world. Despite the fact that is an online portal, you may face issues related to your computer/ PC to play games. You may be diverted away from playing games as you may not have time to troubleshoot all issues related to games. Moreover, small issues like, POGO games not rendering, Java updates prompts, Java errors or issues related to the performance of your own computer may prohibit you from enjoying your favorite games online.

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